Course Duration: 5h 30m

Social Media Content Planning


Benefits of this course:

  • ? You'll no longer be spending hours posting random images, videos and content
  • ? You'll be not be wondering whether or not to sign up to TikTok
  • ? You'll be SUPER clear on what you should be posting
  • ? You'll have NO doubt about where you should be posting your content
  • ? You'll walk away with a clear, written-out, 12-month marketing plan!

Course Curriculum

Welcome and Introduction
Welcome to Social Media Content Planning - you'll never have to wonder what to write about ever again. I'm so pleased that you've invested in this course and my objective here is to ensure you find the content interesting and easy to implement into your own social media marketing strategy.

  • Welcome and Introduction

MODULE ONE: Setting the Scene
Before we dive into content planning, this module takes a moment to go right 'back to basics' by taking snapshot of your business.

MODULE TWO: Your Ideal Client
This module will help you drill down deep into who your ideal client is, where to find them online, and why they are going to want to buy from you.

MODULE THREE: Establishing Marketing Goals
So now that we know who you are going to be selling to and are 100% sure that our product or service matches their needs, this module will focus on setting realistic marketing goals.

MODULE FOUR: Creating a Social Media Presence
This module covers the basic steps of HOW you create and maintain a social media presence.

MODULE FIVE: Creating your 12-month Content Plan
This module takes you through the steps of creating your 12 month marketing plan in an easy to follow, logical and practical way.

MODULE SIX: It’s time to fly!
You've done it! This module wraps up our time together and gives you your 'next steps' to keep you on track.


Target Audience

  • Small business owners who;
  • Want to be more consistent in their marketing strategy
  • Are a bit baffled by the world of social media content writing
  • Are 'winging it' a bit when it comes to writing meaningful content
  • Would love to have a clear, easy to follow 12-month marketing plan in place
  • Have decided this is the year to up their marketing game!

Material Includes

  • Video and PDF downloads